12 Surprising Bearding Benefits

Men who are fortunate enough to grow a face full of whiskers have known all along that beards are the only choice.

It has taken some time (and more than a few scientific studies), but the rest of the world has started to notice just how many benefits beards really have!

The fight isn’t over yet though, there are still plenty of doubters out there.

Sit down the skeptics in your life and let them look at these 12 unexpected benefits of having a beard that we fortunate men have been enjoying all along. You might not have even realized that you’re taking advantage of some of them yourself!

1. Stroking a Beard is the Ultimate Power Move

Only those rocking an epic beard will understand the true power of the old fashioned beard stroke.

Beards give you something to thoughtfully stroke while pondering life’s big questions and they are also the ultimate response to the classic hair stroke that women pull all the time!

Body language experts have long recognized hair touching to be a flirtatious move that women subconsciously use all the time.

Next time you get hit with a hair flick, beard stroke right back and see what happens!

2. Beards Signal Trust, Maturity and Masculinity

Scientists who study human behavior have long been intrigued about the benefits of beards.

Years of studies have revealed what beardsmen knew all along... everyone loves beards, whether they admit to it or not!

One 2014 study found that men with facial hair are seen as more trustworthy and it doesn’t stop there.

Other studies have proven that beards are a strong marker of masculinity and maturity at an instinctual level

When it comes to beards, science is definitely on our side!

3. Beards Can Help With Asthma

Asthma is triggered by dust, smoke or pet hair and your beard (depending on it's length) acts as a handy filter.

The American Lung Association suggests, however, that this may be dependent on beard style, with bushier beards being much more effective.

They also recommend keeping your beard sparkly clean so no dust builds up!

No need to tell us twice...no one wants a smelly beard. Make sure you clean those whiskers with a good quality beard shampoo to keep it fresh.

4. Bacterial Protection for Your Face

A lot of people suffer from acne, but men with beards are far less likely to have this problem.

Acne is, basically, a bacterial infection in the pores of your skin. If you are a daily shaver, your pores are exposed to bacteria almost constantly and this increases your chances of having an acne outbreak.

Beardsmen have the natural protection of their whiskers and this stop bacteria dead in its tracks! 

5. Cold and UV-Ray Protection 

A common joke about beards is that they are fur coat for your face. The benefits of a beard in winter are pretty well accepted.

However, beards are just as handy as protection from the sun.

Having a face full of whiskers protects your skin from harmful UV rays, helping lower your chances of sunburn or other damage to your skin. 

If you've ever seen someone just after shaving off a thick beard in the summertime, you know exactly what we're talking about. 

6. Appear More Intelligent

Research has also made a strong connection between beards and perceptions of intelligence.

Study participants associated careers requiring high levels of intelligence such as college professors with bearded men.

Now, beards can’t actually make you smarter, but fake it till you make it right?

7. Women Love Beards

Research has found a link between beards and how attractive women find a man, but it isn’t quite as simple as that.

Neave and Shields (2008) found that women saw men with beards as more masculine, mature and serious. This gave them a strong appeal to women looking for a serious relationship, or who desired a family.

Full beards gave off the masculine family man vibe the most, and a heavy stubble/shorter style of beard had the overall highest level of attractiveness across all categories.

8. Beards Give You More Time 

Those who sport a beard know what I am talking about when I say that a beard will save you time. Every. Single. Day.

I still remember my days with a smooth face and how long it took me to shave each morning before work.

Even if you only save 5 minutes each morning, that can be 2.5 HOURS per month or more than an entire DAY every year that you save!

Now, I wouldn’t say that beards are without maintenance, but overall they require far less than a daily shave, leaving you with time for more important things.

9. A Style For Every Occasion

The ways you can style your beard are almost limitless, which gives you a lot of versatility when it comes to choosing the look you want.

You can change up your beard style as quickly as it grows. Seasonal or even monthly style changes should be possible.

10. Prevents Allergies

Bearding isn’t just about looking great, it can also have some unexpected health benefits.

Anyone who suffers from allergies in the spring should consider joining the ranks of the bearded because it could help reduce your symptoms.

As discussed by the American Lung Association, the hair in your nose act as a natural filtration system and adding any extra hair, like a beard, is likely to increase that filtration.

11. Stay Young(ish) – Forever!

Protecting your face with a thick shield of whiskers doesn’t just look great, it also helps you maintain a youthful look as you age.

Protecting your facial skin from harmful UV rays and not constantly exposing your pores with daily shaving helps reduce physical signs of aging. In addition, if you're old enough to show wrinkles, your beard will hide them! 

12. Makes it Easy for People to Buy You Gifts

Men are notoriously hard to buy gifts for, but when you are rocking a beard, your loved ones will have no shortage of grooming product ideas.

There are loads of great beard grooming and beard care products out there that are really affordable and make great gifts for men who care about their beards.

The Benefits of Beards are Endless

This is just a small sample of the benefits you carry with you each day you have a beard.

The great thing is you can join the ranks of the fortunate men with a beard very easily… just stop shaving and see what happens. 

We're here to support you each step of the way.


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