6 Science-Based Facts About Wearing A Beard

Beards are more socially acceptable than ever, but there are still some smooth-skinned heathens out there who like to poke fun at us beardsmen.

You fellas know what it’s like, all those jokers out there who like to poke fun at awesome beards.

“What crawled up on your face and DIED?!”

“Couldn’t be bothered to shave champ?”

“Hey, hipster, want a craft IPA with that thing?”

As you can tell, I am not a good fan of these casual jests and decided it was time to put this beard based discrimination to an end

I know beards are great.

You know beards are great.

Now it is time for everyone else to learn just how awesome our beards really are!

After scouring the web, I have gathered all the evidence you will ever need to counter the beard critics in your life.

So strap yourself in and check out these amazing science-based facts about wearing a beard.

1. Make a Great First Impression

You never get a second chance at a first impression.

It turns out having a well-groomed beard can help make you look more trustworthy, mature and in control.

In a study quite aptly titled “The Man Behind the Beard”, it was found that men with a well-groomed beard are considered to be more trustworthy.

Based on the subject’s reaction to bearded and non-bearded faces, us beardsmen came out way ahead when it comes to trustworthiness. 

This confirmed a 1994 study by Hellstrom and Tekle, where occupations were associated either with bearded, or clean-shaven men.

One of the top professions associated with smooth-faced men? Politician.

What about us bearded men? Professor.

You tell me which one of these you find more trustworthy!

2. Stop Acne in its Tracks

So, acne sucks, amirite?

Do you know the thing some men do every day making them more susceptible to acne? Shaving.

Acne is basically a bacterial infection in your skin. Yuck!

When you scrape off your whiskers with a razor every morning, you make your skin way more susceptible to those bacteria responsible for causing acne.

Shaving opens up your pores and hair follicles and invites these nasty bacteria right in!

Now there are loads of treatments for acne, but those can be costly. 

You have a great natural barrier to acne-causing bacteria and all you have to do is let it grow!

3. The Real Fountain of Youth

Did you hear, the secret to maintaining a youthful look has been discovered and it has been on your face this whole time. 

It isn’t that bit of toothpaste you missed from this morning. It’s your beard!

A healthy, full-bodied beard can block up to 95% of harmful UV rays. Tans might be pretty cool, but the sun also damages your skin.

If your skin is already looking the worse for wear, then there is no better way to hide it than a bit of facial scruff!

Wrinkles and other signs of aging are the least of your worries when it comes to exposure to the sun. Beards can also reduce your risk of getting melanomas.

The beauty benefits don’t stop there. 

Shaving every day has a tendency to damage and dry out your skin. Especially in dry summers or cold winters when dry air hits your exposed and vulnerable facial skin.

A well-oiled beard will keep the skin on your face moisturized and healthy all year round!

4. An All-Natural Filter

The health benefits don’t stop with smoother and healthier skin.

There are some uninformed people out there who like to tell you beards are dirty. Let me say right now, not all beards!

Well, to be fair, a beard can get pretty nasty if you don’t care for them right, but we know you gents wouldn’t let your beard get out of control. 

A clean and well-groomed beard is just like a hairy mask attached to your face. It catches any bacteria headed your way before they hit your skin or enter your body. 

Beards are also great at catching allergens, which is perfect for anyone who suffers from asthma.

5. Boost Your Attractiveness

The question of whether or not a beard makes you more attractive has been asked since the beginning of time, or at least that is a fair assumption.

There have been countless studies done on this topic and the results are fairly cut and dry.

Short to full beards are regularly deemed the most attractive. This is likely down to the links participants made between beards and both maturity and masculinity.

One of the more interesting studies was conducted by the University of New South Wales with 351 women asked to rate men with different levels of facial hair.

In this study, heavy stubble was rated as the most handsome, with light stubble or a complete babyface being the worst across all categories.

The results are in and there is a clear winner. To look your best, you need some heavy stubble at a minimum.

You still need to keep your stubble (or beard) well-trimmed though. No one likes an unkempt beard!

6. Improve Your Career Prospects

There are also numerous studies that suggest bearded men are seen as more mature, masculine and in control, especially in a work setting.

Of course, there are businesses where beards just won’t make a great impression, so always use your best judgment.

When it comes to the benefits of beards in the workplace, there is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy at play. 

When asked to rate themselves, men rocking some epic facial hair put themselves on the masculine end of the spectrum.

You could say we bearded folk just ooze confidence and manliness and others can’t help but notice it!

Growing a Beard is No-Brainer

With all the positive benefits of beards, you would be a fool not to grow your very own.

Next time a beardless friend or colleague wants to poke fun at your manly mane, be sure to clap back with some real facts about how epic beards really are.

Or if you prefer to take the high road, you can let them have their fun, secure in the knowledge you have made the right decision.

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