6 Unconventional Uses for Your Premium Beard Oil

Most men like to keep things minimal when it comes to personal care products. 

Maintaining shelves of different potions and lotions is not a priority.

If there was an all-in-one product, it would sell like hotcakes!

Now, this fix-all male grooming product doesn’t exist (yet), I mean we do have body shampoo combos, so we’re getting close. 

While we wait, there are ways to use existing products in new and inventive ways.

One versatile product that gets overlooked all the time is beard oil.

Despite the name, which implies it is a single-purpose item, beard oil is actually useful for a range of male grooming needs.

This versatility is due to the high-quality ingredients which make up premium beard oil and give it some amazing properties.

The Amazing Properties of Beard Oil

If you’ve ever invested in a premium beard oil, then you have a natural, powerful and multi-use product on your hands.

Good quality beard oils are a blend of two key ingredients:

  • A carrier, such as a grapeseed, jojoba, argan, or moringa oil. This makes up the bulk of the product and also does most of the leg work in terms of nourishing your beard and skin.
  • Essential oils, like almond, cedarwood, eucalyptus, lemon, or peppermint. These give the oil (and your beard) a pleasant scent, with some also improving skin health as well.

Carrier oils supplement the natural oils produced by your skin and prevent dry, flaky or itchy skin. They also hydrate and soften your beard, keeping it looking healthy and well-groomed.

There are lower quality beard oils that rely on low-quality carrier oils or use synthetic scents. Low-quality ingredients are counter-productive, as they can do more harm than good, especially by blocking the pores of your skin.

The power of a good beard oil comes from the high-quality natural ingredients and these cheap substitutes should be avoided.

Investing in a good quality product also allows you to unlock some of the amazing unconventional uses for beard oil.

The Best Unconventional Uses for Beard Oil

You thought beard oil was just for beards right? Wrong!

Some of these will seem obvious once you see them, but I guarantee some will really surprise you.

1. Overnight Beard Conditioning

Our first additional use for beard oil falls firmly into the obvious category.

Usually, you would apply beard oil in the morning and maybe one or two other times per day as needed.

However, if you are trying to revive a dry or damaged beard, your regular applications might not be enough.

To give this a go for yourself, all you need to do is:

  • Have a shower before bed and dry your beard thoroughly.
  • Apply at least double your regular amount of beard oil and massage it in thoroughly, ensuring it gets right down to your skin.
  • Leave it in overnight and rinse out in the morning 
  • Repeat for as many nights as needed to bring your beard back to good health!

2. Hair Mask

In the same way, you can revive dry and damaged beard with beard oil, you can also use it to treat the hair on your head.

The natural ingredients in beard oil give your hair everything it needs for healthy growth and can even keep your scalp healthy, reducing dandruff.

Keeping your hair healthy is easy:

  • Wash and towel dry your hair.
  • Massage the oil in, from root to tip. Use as much as you need for good coverage.
  • For extra effectiveness, wrap your head in a warm towel to increase absorption.
  • Leave in for at least 20 minutes, but overnight if possible, then rinse out with cold water.

3. Pre-Shave Oil

You might already be using a pre-shave oil. The big secret they don’t want you to know, is these are pretty much the same thing as beard oils!

All you need to do is massage a small amount of beard oil into the area you plan to shave.

Doing this achieves a number of things to make your shaving experience better:

  • Nourishes and moisturizes your skin, protecting against razor burn
  • Softens stubble
  • ‘Lifts’ whiskers, helping your blade cut closer

4. Cuticle Oil

This one is straight out of left field. I mean, what even is a cuticle?

Your cuticles are at the base of your fingernails where they ‘disappear’ under your skin. Loads of guys completely ignore their cuticles and they become a dry, flaky mess.

A few drops of beard oil massaged into your fingernails and cuticles in the evening is all it takes to maintain healthy cuticles and stop your nails from becoming too brittle.

You have beard oil all over your hands every morning anyway, so taking this little extra step will only cost you a minute or two max. Your significant other will just love your new, healthier hands!

5. Skin Moisturiser

The base oils in premium beard oils are also great as general skin moisturizing.

You probably don't want to give yourself a full rubdown with beard oil, but it is great for small areas of dryness and irritation you want to deal with.

Especially in places with low humidity, dryness is a big problem. This is often localized in places like elbows and knees.

All it takes to fix these small patches of dry and flaky skin is a few drops of beard oil, gently massaged in.

Apply daily till the dryness dissipates, and then periodically through the week to prevent it from occurring again.

6. Condition ‘Other’ Body Hair

What I mean by ‘other’ hair, is your pubic hair, which can sometimes dow with a bit of love and attention!

Especially if you are ‘manscaping’ down there, your hair can become a little brittle and it is very easy to cause irritation to your sensitive skin in that region.

Massaging some beard oil into your pubic region has similar effects to using it on your beard.

The hair will soften and your skin will become less irritated. Good quality beard oil is also antibacterial and smells great, keeping your fresh as a daisy!

More than anywhere else on your body, it is imperative that you use a premium beard oil. 

You do not want nasty synthetic compounds clogging up your pores when manscaping, as this can cause some nasty irritation. 

Beard Oil Isn’t a One Trick Pony

As you can see for yourself, beard oil can do more than just keep your beard healthy.

It may not be the magical ‘do it all’ product, but it comes pretty close!

As long as you buy a high-quality beard oil that is made with natural ingredients, you will be amazed at just how powerful and versatile it is.

You will discover even more uses for yourself before you know it!

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