The Beardsmans Guide to Barbers

Once you have grown your beard out to your desired length, it is time to start styling that bad boy!

A lot of success in life, be it at work or dating, comes from first impressions. Your beard makes up a big part of that. 

There comes a point in the growth of your beard where it is looking a bit tired or scruffy and it NEEDS some styling to spruce it up.

Loads of beardsmen, understanding this, rush out and style their beards in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways.

But they have missed one crucial aspect: matching their beard style to their hairstyle.

Like a granny with rainbow dreadlocks, a hairstyle and a beard that don’t match tend to draw attention...in all the wrong ways.

So what have we learned so far?

  1. Styling your beard is important.
  2. Styling your hair is important.
  3. AND....making sure the style of your beard and hair match is the MOST important!

Let’s be honest though. Not many of us beardsmen are hair styling experts. So how do you get that perfect look?

What you need is a good barber, combined with knowing EXACTLY what to ask for. 

To help you choose the right barber and get the results you want, follow these simple steps to beard and hair styling success.

1. Finding the Right Barber

The great news is, there are now a lot of barbers to choose from. The days of having to settle for a unisex salon that doesn’t specialize in styling men’s hair are over.

It seems like a new trendy barbershop is on every street corner in most large cities. But that does not mean that they are all a great fit for you! 

Before you leave home, do some research on the barbershops local to you and make a list of likely options.

For each of these, look up the reviews on platforms like Google or Yelp, and check up on what is being said about them on social media by other beardsmen.

Based on this information, you should be down to a list of 2-3 pretty quickly.

From this list, do more searching through photos and see which has more styles that compliment what you're looking for. Choose one of these for your first styling trip.

You may end up trying all of them before settling on your favorite barber and that is fine. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

2. Preparing For Your Visit

Even though a good barber should know their stuff when it comes to beard and hairstyles, don’t rely on them to choose for you!

Before your visit, continue your research, but now focussing on hair and beard styles that appeal to you.

One good way to do this is to browse the social media of the barber you intend to visit. They will be posting different cuts that they have done for clients or showing various trending styles.

Seeing what they are doing right now is a great way to choose a style and you will get a pretty good idea of what it will look like as a final product. It also gives an idea of how skilled the barber is.

If you see something you definitely DON’T like, make a note of that too. This will be handy info to have when speaking with a barber for the first time.

3. Communicating With Your New Barber

Bad cuts happen all the time and usually, they're simply a result of poor communication.

If you aren’t ready to clearly communicate your desired style to your barber, you could easily end up with something that you are not happy with.

You need to SAY what you like and don’t like, not just THINK it. Your barber isn’t a mind reader.

It’s 2020 and NOT having some pictures on your phone of styles you like is completely unacceptable! Screenshot what you like.

Talk to the barber about your ideas, show them the pictures you have, and seek their expert opinion about the best style for you.

Remember that you need to get your hairstyle and beard style to match! 

This initial conversation with your barber is a great way to validate your ideas and make sure that the styles you have chosen are going to work together.

4. What if You Don’t Like Your New Style?

Bad cuts and bad style choices happen. Don’t smile and nod in the barbershop if you aren’t happy with the end result.

Your barber wants you to leave happy and that is why generally ask for your feedback during and after your hair or beard cut.

Speak up BEFORE you leave the barbershop! Moaning about it to your mates later isn’t productive.

If your cut isn’t quite right, there is a chance they can fix it, but only if you let them know.

There is a chance that there is nothing they can do. This isn’t the end of the world though.

Hair grows back.

While you are waiting for your beard to fill out again, start looking at new styles. Now you know a style you don’t like, so you can research with renewed focus.

Then, when your beard and hair is ready, get back out there and try something new!

Barbers are a Beardsmens Best Friend

If you want your beard and hair looking its best and making great first impressions, then a good barber really is your best friend.

Once you find a style that rocks and a barber who can deliver for you consistently, you will begin to see just how awesome a well-styled beard can be and you will never go back to those awful unisex salons again.

Get out there and get those beards growing!

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