Adding Even One Beard Care Product to Your Daily Routine will Increase Growth Speed in as Little as 30 Days.

Most Other Beard Care Companies Completely Ignore This Scientifically Proven Fact: The Health of Your Beard (and by default, your body) is Directly Proportional to the Speed at Which it Grows

Adding two products to your daily routine will exponentially increase the health, which will rapidly speed up the growth, improve the fullness of it, and the reduce the itchiness throughout your growth journey. 

“I never seen growth this fast!”

“The itch disappeared after 2 days using this kit and my beard feels fuller!”

“My wife hated my beard before. After using this, she compliments the scent and softness of it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!”

Dear Future Beardsman,

If you've tried growing a beard before and either failed or quit because it was taking too long, then we've got some great news for you!

We have created a line of products that will work with you to speed up the rate at which your beard grows.

All you need to do is add two ingredients to your daily routine that almost every other company on the market is completely ignoring.

I’m going to reveal it to you right on this page, so please don’t leave of click the back button or you may not find your way back here.

In just moments, I’ll show you how this new “targeted” form of beard oil rushes right to the roots of your hair and begins to work the moment it touches your skin.

Within two-weeks you’ll begin to notice a difference…

And in 4 weeks your beard will look noticeably different.

How is this possible?

It’s because this “targeted” form of growth oil has been infused with something that helps the growth activation triggers reach you hair follicles faster than before.

It couldn’t be more simple…

And when you see what it is, it will all begin to make sense to you.

Plus, it will also make sense why no other beard company is doing this.

You see…

Most Other Beard Oil Companies On The Market Have Been Completely Ignoring This Important Pain Relieving Element

And that’s the reason why beard oil may not have worked for you in the past. But today that all changes.

Thanks to this new form of beard oil that I’m calling “targeted beard oil”…

You’ll finally be able to share in the incredible, fuller beard effects other men people rave about.

Just imagine… 

  • On those days when you think about shaving off the growth that you've gained
  • When you see patchy spots on your face and can't get enough hair to fill them in
  • When people comment on your scraggly beard and you immediately think to shave it off…

You’ll now have something in your shaving drawer that is all-natural and goes to work the first time your apply it.

I’m going to reveal all the details of this breakthrough new form of beard oil in just a moment.

And I’ll show you the reason I call it “targeted beard oil.”

HINT: It has to do with your hair follicles and I’ll explain it all in a moment.

Plus, unlike others trying to take advantage of the market, I’ll provide you with all the scientific proof of why this works so well.

Not only that, but if you stick with me for just a few moments I’ll also show you…

  • The most dangerous form of beard oil on the market and why you should stay away from it at all costs (especially if you’ve experienced dry skin in the past)…
  • The single biggest mistake new beardsmen make when they are using beard products to advance their beard health
  • The exact amount of beard oil your beard needs and the frequency it needs to be applied to see a result for maximum growth 
  • And how all of these knock-off companies are putting cheap, and sometimes dangerous ingredients into their oils

So you need to pay close attention because this presentation is controversial and there are people who would like to see it taken down.


Because this information is so effective that it threatens millions of dollars in profits that they make every year.

The bottom line is that this is the first form of beard oil that I know about that was designed specifically for the speed at which it reaches your hair follicles.

Want proof?

Beerd Co. Growth Proof

This picture was taken just 7 weeks after shaving down to a clean face. 

The difference in growth speed is striking.

You know already that beards is more than just a fad fashion trend that will disappear in the coming months.

More and more men start growing on everyday, but so many are defeated when they learn how long it takes or get that first batch of itchiness. 

In fact, with the results that I’ve seen from this new “Targeted beard oil”…

I can confidently say that it may become the only form of beard oil that men use if they want a fuller, healthier looking beard.

I’ll share the details of those results with you in a moment…


But first I need to tell you…

An Incredibly Personal Story About My Own Brother That Led Me To Discover This Breakthrough
Form Of Beard Oil

It all starts with my brother's beard frustration.

During a visit home just last year I saw that he was trying to grow his beard out for the third time with no better success. 

We got opposite genes when it comes to beards, and he was not happy about it. 

I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how frustrated he was. 

Since he left the army, it's one of the things he was most excited about. The freedom to have facial hair. 

But this time it was different. 

He was sad, thinking that he'd been dealt a bad hand. At 25, I didn't know what to tell him. 


His friends had strong beards that grew in half the time. 

It broke my heart. 

After a little family time, I pulled him aside and asked him what was wrong. 

He came right out with it “I'm tired of seeing your beard grow in so perfectly and feeling so defeated with mine.” 

It wasn’t something I had ever considered before…

I decided right then and there to help him find a solution.


Everyone said it's not possible. It's all genetics. But I've seen bigger obstacles overcome and was not going to let my brother suffer any longer. 

I knew from the start that it had to be something natural.

There are horror stories all over the Internet about cheap products that cause allergic reactions. 

Having a rash on his sensitive skin would crush him, so all-natural we went.

Plus the products in the earth should be able to enforce the most natural thing for a man to do! 


He was skeptical...

He was defeated before we even began...

I asked him if he could commit to 8 more weeks of not shaving. 

He said yes, but was nervous. 

We studied the products on the market and I assured him that something was missing that I could find. 

The cost didn't matter, as I assumed these larger companies had cut costs already. 

And so we were off... to do something that companies with hundreds of employees and millions of dollars had not done. 

It was time to make his beard grow faster and look better, than it ever had before! 


Beard Oil Can Work Wonders For Your Beard And Skin, BUT There’s A Catch….

Let me be crystal clear…

The bearding craze that is sweeping across the country is the real deal and thousands of people have bought in…

  • There are now studies that show beard oil can reduce the time it takes to grow a beard
  • Another study in the Men's Health shows that proper bearding products & a healthy lifestyle have the power to speed up growth by as much as 32%
  • Some researchers have found that the proper beard oil and bear wash combined together are up to 30% more effective than one alone

And it doesn’t stop with speed.

These products are also proven to be beneficial for eliminating the irritation you feel while growing, increasing your awareness with essential oils, deepening your sleep cycle and increasing your overall confidence as your beard comes in. 

And yet….

There are thousands of others who have tried the wrong products and have reported no meaningful benefit... or worse... an allergic reaction.

If you’re one of these people, then I’m asking for just 5 minutes of your time to read what I have to say..

Because I’m going to show you a breakthrough “targeted” form of beard oil that’s virtually guaranteed (we actually have a satisfaction guarantee...but more on that below) to work to speed up growth, reduce itchiness, and bring shine to every beard. 

But first, let me tell you exactly why beard oil has not worked for you in the past….

The truth is…

Most Beard Oil On The Market Was Designed to Make Money, Not to Grow Beards

And that’s the big problem with most of the brands you'll find at Wal-Mart or Target.

Other manufacturers take a great idea, buy the cheapest products to get it done and then advertise it to as many people as they can.

And yet, you can still make a high-quality product and make money.

But the human body doesn’t work that way.

It’s a complex network and when it comes to pain, your pain only decreases when your pain centers are addressed.

That’s What Makes “Targeted CBD” Such A Breakthrough For People Who Want Fast, Natural, And Long Lasting Relief

It has the power to ease your pain centers without the risk of any addiction, brain fog, or other side effects.

It can loosen up stiff, tight joints rapidly….

And what makes it so special is that instead of just masking your pain like most prescription drugs…

This new “targeted” form of CBD that I’m about to tell you about, has the power to trigger your body’s natural pain

killing hormones…

Which means instead of the short term effects of prescription pills that fade and require more and more to feel an effect…

You get powerful, long lasting, 100% natural pain relief because your body is able to fight the pain for you.

Best of all, this breakthrough “targeted” CBD formula is…

Guaranteed To Work For You Even If You’ve Tried CBD Before And Saw No Results

I’m going to reveal it to you in a moment…

And you’ll want to take some notes because if you’re going to try this “targeted” CBD for your aches and pains, I want to make sure you have all the information you need.

So keep reading because in just a moment I’ll share it with you.

Plus I’ll also show you the 3 reasons most CBD on the market is downright useless for pain and inflammation…

And I’ll reveal the #1 thing your CBD must have in order to truly make a difference for your achy joints, stiff muscles and sore SOMETHING.

Without it you could be missing out on more than 90% of CBD’s pain relief benefits without even realizing it.

But first I must warn you…

The Drug Companies Who Control American Medicine Do Not Want You To Know About This CBD Breakthrough

They’re afraid because this proven pain-relieving CBD “tweak” is just as effective as their prescription medications…

Yet it’s completely safe, 100% natural, 100% non-habit forming,…

And dramatically inexpensive…

They know that if this breakthrough goes mainstream…

It will cost them BILLIONS in lost profits.

For example a recent study showed that people who switched to CBD were 42% more likely to stop using prescription medication all together.

And even the NHL, NFL and Major League baseball are playing with the idea of allowing players to manage their pain with CBD

That’s why Big Pharma has deployed their textbook strategy for taking down threats to their bottom line.

They’ve been doing this for decades to block hundreds of natural remedies and, let me tell you, they are extremely effective at it.

Step 1 in their dirty little playbook is to lie, lie, and lie some more.


They’ll tell everyone it won’t work and that it’s dangerous for them.


They use their influence to put out “fake news” information that is meant to confuse you, the end user.


That’s why everywhere you look online you’ll find different answers for how much you should take, what type you should take, and where you should buy it from.

Step 2 is to use their deep pockets to push around government agencies like the FDA and get them to “ban” or “silence” the companies selling quality CBD.


Since 2010 the FDA has taken more than $2 billion dollars from big pharmaceutical companies, which means they’re nothing more than a puppet ready to jump whenever the greedy pharma execs say so.

This really drives people mad.


They finally find a source of quality CBD that makes a real difference in their lives.

It calms their nerves, reduces their pain, and allows them to sleep easier at night.

Then, without warning, the company they buy from gets a nasty letter from the FDA telling them to cease operations.


Usually because they violated some small technicality.

Meanwhile, Big Pharma is busy deploying Step 3 in their playbook: They study it for themselves.


That’s right, while they’re telling you that it’s dangerous and will never work, they’re busy paying for study after study proving exactly the opposite.

For example in 2010 the FDA paid for studies of impact of CBD on children and epilepsy.

Bad for you…but ok to test on children? Somethings not right….

They’ve also spent millions of dollars on as many as 14 different studies on CBD oil.

They found that CBD Oil….

  • Has no toxicity and no life threatening side effects (unlike opiates that kill thousands every year)
  • CBD Oil will often work where prescription meds fail.
  • CBD Oil and other marijuana based treatments work as well or better than pharmaceutical options.

So on one hand they tell the public it’s “not safe” while at the same time fund studies that prove the opposite.

This goes on for months until they’re able to deploy Step 4.


Once they’ve done enough research and found out what will make it as effective as possible, they then file a patent to turn it into a drug and crank up the price.


And this is exactly why you need to pay attention to everything that’s on this page.


Because Big Pharma is busy working right now to turn certain forms of CBD into a drug and force all other forms of it out of the market.


That’s why I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to keep this up for much longer, and in a few months when Big Pharma gets their way, I may be legally forced to take this page down.


But there is good news….

So let’s not waste any time and jump right into it.


It’s time I answered the question…

Why Does CBD Work So Well For Some People... ...While You Throw Dollar After Dollar Down The Drain And See No Results?

To understand that you first have to understand just how CBD works inside your body and interacts with your pain signals.

It all has something to do with a cellular network called The Endocannabinoid System

Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it, we’ll just call it your ECS from here on out.

Your ECS is an incredibly powerful regulation system inside your body.

Doctors today consider it just as crucial for your well being as your digestive system, nervous system, or hormone system.

In fact, your ECS might just be one of your body’s most powerful pain regulators.

And some doctors have gone as far to call it the true pain gatekeeper of the human body.

Here’s why…

The ECS is responsible for actually regulating your pain sensation, which means how much pain you actually feel.

And it interacts with every single pain receptor you have.

This is important because your pain receptors are in charge of how much or how little pain you’ll actually feel in your body.

And your ECS appears to be a regulatory network for how much pain can actually get through to those receptors.

But, like most systems in your body, it must be kept in a healthy state to function properly and that’s where CBD comes in.

The little molecules in CBD are called Cannabinoids and they are what feed your ECS what it needs to do it’s job.

Not only that, but the right Cannabinoids, like the ones found in CBD, are extremely effective at getting into your pain receptors and blocking out pain naturally.

So, in theory, since everyone has an ECS, CBD can and should work wonders for anyone.

The problem is that while everyone has the same ECS…

Not everyone is taking CBD that is compatible with that system.

It’s like trying to run Apple software on an Android phone.

And this is the real reason CBD has never worked for you in the past.

The truth is that….

The Market Has Been Flooded With "Inferior" CBD

New health breakthroughs are usually a double edged sword.

While they may work wonders for people looking for natural health solutions…

The truth is that the better they work, the more scammers come out of the woodwork to try and make a quick buck.

And since CBD is so darn effective, there’s no end to “inferior” products that have hit the market looking to cash in on the confusion.

But people are slowly catching on that this “inferior” CBD is expensive and comes with no real health benefits.

That’s because what’s on the label is rarely what’s in the bottle.

NBC recently sent some of its reporters undercover to test the CBD that’s currently on the market. What they found was shocking….

Of the 35 samples NBC reporters tested, a whopping 20 of them had less than half of the amount of CBD advertised on the label.

And some samples had no CBD at all!

“Patients are being duped,” said Chris Martinez, President of Evio Labs. “They’re buying products that really aren’t going to benefit them.” 

And it doesn’t end there, estimates are that more than 70% of the CBD currently on the market doesn’t match what the label says.

So no wonder it hasn’t worked for you in the past.

And with the FDA currently in the pocket of Big Pharma and in no mood to give any kind of regulation to the market…

Who knows what you’re really buying?

Which brings me back to that all important ECS we were talking about earlier.

Remember that this system is the gatekeeper for all your pain receptors.

And getting the right CBD to those receptors is crucial for turning down the intensity of your pain.

So what do you think this inferior CBD is doing inside that system?

The truth is that it’s doing NOTHING!

This cheaply made, unregulated and mislabeled CBD is incompatible with your endocannabinoid system.

Which means you may get some benefit, but never the full effect of CBD.

Which is really unfortunate because…

3 Ways You Can Avoid This Inferior CBD And Find CBD That’s Guaranteed To Work For Your Pain

Like I said, up to 70% of the CBD on the market is likely worthless and will do nothing for you.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s all bad.

It just means you need to look a little harder and be a little more cautious when spending your hard earned money.

Yes I know that means a little more work for you – but trust me, won’t it be worth it when you finally have something in your hands..

Something that is 100% natural, without a single side effect, that you can count on every single day to reduce and intensity and duration of your worst pains?

The answer is yes and I’m going to give you 3 simple little rules to follow to make sure you find the CBD that’s right for you.

Plus, at the end I’ll show you how you can make it even easier and get your hands on the “targeted” form of CBD I’ve been telling you about.

CBD Purity Test #1 – Get It From A Clean Source!

This seems obvious right? Any time you put anything in your body, you want it to be pure and clean.

With most supplements you take, that’s generally the accepted practice and there are regulations and rules companies must follow when they make their products.

But not CBD.

Since Big Pharma is pulling the strings with the FDA, that means there is no one watching over the industry.

The companies looking to make a quick buck are taking advantage of this.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

You want to find clean CBD with a winterization.

What’s winterization? It’s the process of cleansing the plant with high percentage alcohol, and then flash freezing it.

This process is important because hemp plants are covered in waxes and fats. When they’re not removed from CBD oil, it hurts the purity levels and can reduce how effective the oil is when you use it.

CBD Purity Test #2 – Get The Right Dose

Remember that all important ECS that’s running through you right now and calling the shots for your pain sensors?

Well if you’re going to send in those pain relieving cannabinoids that are found in CBD then you better make sure you send in enough of them.

Otherwise it’s like sending in a reconnaissance squad to take on an entire battalion.

So how much should you look for?

Well, you’re looking to solve your pain and inflammation problems, so anything below 15mg is just not going to be strong enough for you to see any real benefit.

The best recommendation is to find something with pure CBD content of 15-25MG.

CBD Purity Test #3 – Pain Supporting Ingredients

I hate to beat the drum a million times, but your ECS really is the key here.

And since it’s such a powerful network that will carry those cannabinoids in CBD right to your pain receptors...

It also makes sense that we could “hitchhike” some other proven pain relief nutrients on that pain relief highway.

When you find clean, winterized CBD that is in the proper dosage amount, it just makes good sense that it would be “enhanced” with other ingredients we know can help with pain.

The most logical ones are nutrients that can attack inflammation.

This way, while the CBD is busy calming the pain sensations in the pain receptors of your ECS, other nutrients like Turmeric can go to work on your inflammation levels.

By now you’re probably wondering…

Where Can You Find The Purest, Most Effective CBD For Pain Relief?

Let me ask you a question..

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a CBD already on the market that already took these things into account?

That was guaranteed to be from a pure, clean and reliable source….

That already had a high enough amount of CBD inside of it so your body can actually feel the effects in minutes rather than hours of waiting for it to kick in?

And something that was already combined with the powerful supporting ingredients that were designed specifically for pain relief?

Well, I have some good news because I’ve discovered…

A New ‘Targeted’ Form Of CBD Designed Specifically For Pain And Inflammation

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So you already know the importance of getting CBD with the right dosage so that it can reach your pain receptors.

And now you know how important it is to get it from a clean source where it’s ideally winterized so that the waxes and other materials can be removed.

Plus you know how important it is to get supporting, enhancing, pain relieving nutrients inside your CBD.

But do you know the single most beneficial nutrient to mix with CBD?

It’s been known to use for centuries, and studies now show that it could be the single best “CBD enhancing” nutrient out there.

But, like you’ve already been reading about, most CBD companies on the market have been overlooking it.

I’m going to reveal it to you now because I truly believe that it is…

The #1 Thing That Must Be In Your CBD If You Want To Finally See Relief From Aches And Pains

It’s called Curcumin.

You’ve probably heard about it, or maybe are already taking a curcumin supplement.

What makes it so amazing for pain sufferers is how it helps with inflammation.

And if you suffer from joint pains or any other type of chronic pain then you know just how important it is to keep your inflammation levels as low as possible.

Here’s where Curcumin really shines…

It’s by far the single most studied natural molecule for inflammation.

In fact, a recent study was done on 139 people with symptoms of knee pain.

For one month, they were given an NSAID diclofenac drug or or curcumin.

The results showed that the curcumin worked as well or better than the drugs for their inflammation. Plus those who took the curcumin reported fewer side effects with curcumin.

What’s more, is that just like CBD it’s making its way into the sports world for effective pain relief

In a double-blind crossover trial, athletes started taking curcumin two days before a physical workout that included gluteal stretches, squat jumps and single-leg jumps.

They continued taking curcumin for three days after the exercise regimen, and noted amazing reductions in pain and muscle soreness. So If athletes who put their bodies through the ringer on a daily basis can use this and see results...

Imagine the effects you’ll see when you combine CBD with curcumin.

As I already mentioned, the vast majority of CBD on the market was not designed specifically for pain.


Sure, if you’re lucky and you stumble across a high quality form of CBD that is verified from a clean source…

That contains the right dosage amounts so it actually reaches the pain receptors in your ECS… And that is infused with inflammation lowering nutrients like organic turmeric...

Then you’ll see results for your pain.

But since you’ve probably already looked online for CBD and been disappointed more than a few times…

You’ve got to ask yourself what the chances are you’ll find something that actually works…

And if you do, there’s always the risk that the FDA comes along and bans them from selling it.

That’s why today I’m asking you to put your trust in something guaranteed to work for your pain and inflammation.

A breakthrough, targeted form of CBD that was specifically designed to help pain sufferers reduce inflammation, control their pain receptors, and live life normally again.

Like I said, finding this online for most people is like finding a needle in a haystack.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a targeted form of CBD for pain sufferers myself.


Targeted Relief From CBD 360 Plus

An Unprecedented “One-Two” Punch That Knocks Pain Out

Let me tell you, directly from my heart, if you really want to see the truly incredible effects CBD can have for your pain…

If you want to experience long lasting, natural relief with no dangerous side effects that come with the prescription medications…

If you’re ready to see the pain and stiffness that has kept you on the sidelines of life finally disappear…


If You Want To Finally Stop Being A Prisoner Of Your Pain From This Moment Forward…

Targeted Relief CBD is your solution.

And that’s the whole reason I created this breakthrough formulation.

I know from first hand experience just how powerful CBD can be when it’s designed to target your pain receptors and inflammation gateways.

And I was so frustrated to hear story after story of people trying CBD and seeing no results.

I truly believe we are in the midst of a green revolution that has the power to naturally give people a pain free life…

And be the decisive blow in the war against opioid addiction.

It’s one of the only CBD products on the market built specifically for the pain sufferer. 

And that’s why Targeted Relief works so well for those who try it.

So well in fact that you could see a difference in your mobility in just days from now.

No matter your age, weight, or how much CBD you’ve tried in the past.

In fact, one of the first things you’ll notice is that this form of CBD comes in a capsule.

And there’s a specific reason for that…

Remember, we talked about how important it is to get the rise dose of CBD into your ECS.

Otherwise the pain relieving power of CBD simply can’t reach those crucial pain receptors.

So when you take CBD in other forms, it can be a bit of a guessing game with how much you;’re actually taking.

But not with Targeted Reliefs specially formulated capsules.

Each capsule contains 20g of fully winterized, pure CBD.

Plus, every single batch we make is tested rigorously by a third party.

And to go a step further, we share the results of those tests with you for every bottle that you order.

That way you can be confident that what it says on the bottle is what you’re taking.

But the 20g of pure, winterized CBD in every capsule is just the foundation…

Targeted Relief is also infused with XXgm of 95% Organic Curcumin.

I knew that creating a CBD formula specifically for pain and inflammation could not be complete without this amazing inflammation fighting nutrient.

So I decided to source the strongest, cleanest, and most potent organic curcumin I could find.

And ss it turns out, CBD and Curcumin have something else in common….

Unless CBD and Curcumin are combined in the right doses, they can’t be absorbed properly into your body.

That means they don’t reach those receptors in your ECS and you get none of the benefits.

And as you already know, the vast majority of CBD products are actually made using low-quality CBD oil that passes right through your system.

Luckily, Targeted Relief has solved this problem with the exact right doses of CBD and Curcumin.

Today you’ll find a full 20mg of pure winterized CBD combined with xxmg of 95% organic curcumin inside every single capsule of Targeted Relief

Now you’ve seen how the right form of CBD not only works wonders for your pain…

But can actually target the pain receptors inside your ECS.

… you’ve also seen how Curcumin is a proven inflammation fighter and actually a nutrient that perfectly complements CBD…

So let me ask you a question…

Isn’t it time you tried a version of CBD that was designed specifically for your pain?

I want us to be as honest and truthful as possible, so I need to tell you…

It would break my heart to see you miss out on what is truly a revolution in the way we treat pain in this country.

The biggest proof I can show you is just how hard the powerful people at Big Pharma companies are fighting it.

They don’t do this with many other natural “pain fighters” because they know they could never compete with their hard, addicting drugs.

But CBD is different.

Big Pharma is feeling the pressure and they may even get their way.

But until then…

I Want To Free You From Your Prison Of Pain

Let me ask you…

What has your struggle with pain caused YOU to miss out on in life?

Have you skipped out on dream vacations with your spouse because one, or both of you, shudder at the idea of hauling luggage around?

Do you worry about the next time your grandkids come for a visit?

Will you have the energy to get down on the floor with them…

Or worse…will you have the energy to get back up!?

Have the simplest little tasks in your life like climbing stairs, doing yard work, or simply getting up from your chair been giving you fits?

It’s no way to live your life, being at the mercy of your pain.

So if you’re sick and tired of being sore, stiff and achy…

…then I’ve got good news for you.

Since you’ve proven you’re committed to tackling your pain problems naturally..

And since you’ve given me your trust by reading this far…

I’m making you a special offer….

The next 200 bottles of Targeted Relief are
reserved for readers of this letter...
...but you must act before they run out of stock!

Like I said, Big Pharma could strike at any time and so myself and my business partner at CBD360 Plus have deployed a strategy to fight back.

We only make Targeted Relief in small batches.

This has a few major benefits for you and for us.

First and foremost it cuts our risk of having millions of dollars in stock just sitting around.

If Big Pharma comes sniffing and decides to take action, it won’t put us out of business.

But also…

This small batch strategy allows us to have better control over the creation of the product.

This small batch strategy allows us to have better control over the creation of the product.

We can carefully inspect each bottle for purity meaning you get the best of the best CBD and curcumin in each order.

But word is getting out…

Since so many people have tried generic CBD with no effect, they’ve now begun looking for something that has more.

Something that was built specifically for their pain problems.

And, while we’re happy that many of them have found Targeted Relief…

We’re also having trouble keeping it in stock.

Which means some people who miss out on this page could be forced to wait up to three months until the next batch is produced.

I’d hate for that to happen…

Imagine trying a bottle of Targeted Relief and finally having something in your hands that was natural, side effect free and that ACTUALLY WORKED for your achy joints and sore muscles….

But then, when you come back to this website to get your next month’s supply…

You see a big message in the top right corner that says: “Out of Stock.”

It’s not even worth risking…

So I’ve spoken with our manufacturer and they have promised to reserve the next batch for folks who order through this letter.

As long as you’re one of the first 200 people who order today, you’ll be able to reserve up to six bottles of Targeted Relief.

And just for reference…

This Page Has Been Live For XX Days

That means if you see options below for 1, 3, and 6 bottles then you’re in luck.

But if those options aren’t there, then you’ll have to wait. 

And here’s one more thing I’ve decided to do to make this an absolute no brainer for you today…

The More Targeted Relief You Decide To Invest In Right Now…

The More You Save.

While the manufacturer has told us this unique combination found only in Target Relief should be sold for about $129.99 per bottle…

On this website only…

You’ll be able to order a full six-month supply for just $XX per bottle…

And if 6 bottles is too much for you right now, I’ve also arranged the 3 bottle option to be available at $XX per bottle.

I know It’s not quite as big as that six bottle discount, but it’s still a big savings compared to what our manufacturer says we should sell it for.

And hey, I know you might have already tried CBD in the past and were let down.

So I refuse for that to even be a possibility for you this time around.

That’s why each and every bottle, whether it’s 3 or 6 or just 1 bottle today, is backed by a 100%, 60 day full money back guarantee.

100% Money-Back Lifetime Guarantee

When you order today, it usually takes just 3-5 business days to arrive.

When it does arrive, you’re probably going to want to test it out right away.

So here’s what I recommend to all of our customers.

Start with 1 capsule in the morning and pay attention to what you feel.

Since most people say their pain and stiffness affects them most when they get out of bed, it’s best to start with a dose in the AM and see how it works for you throughout the day.

And I promise you’ll notice a difference with each day that goes by.

You’ll feel more relaxed than ever.

Bending, stretching, and reaching for things will come easier to you.

Sharp pains in your shoulders, back and other muscles will melt away and stay away longer…

And soon, as your ECS adapts to the jolt of CBD that is now flooding it’s receptors, you’ll be experiencing a life with less pain than you’ve had in years.

Soon your friends, family and colleagues will start asking you for your secret…

They’ll be curious why you have so much more energy…

And have suddenly stopped complaining about aches and pains.

When they do ask (and I promise you they will)…

You can direct them to this page and we will honor the same deal for them as well, as long as there is some in stock.

Listen, I truly believe that everyone deserves a life free from pain.

Yet, if you’re not 100% amazed…

Then Our Team At CBD360 Plus will offer you a full, prompt refund at any point within your first 60 days of using Targeted Relief

They won’t ask you why.

They won’t pry into how much you took, or how long you waited or any personal questions like that.

That’s not how refunds are supposed to work.

When I say hassle-free I mean it and I’ve personally instructed my team members to simply say “OK, I’m processing your refund immediately”.

Simply put, you ONLY pay if you’re totally convinced it works for you.

Sound good?

Then place your order of Targeted Relief by choosing from the six-month, three-month, or one-month options below.

Just click on the package you want. You’ll be taken to an order page to review your order.







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