Enjoy your morning routine just as much as you enjoy your evening beer.

You know the feeling you get when you sit down at the end of a long work day and crack open your first post-work beer?

What if someone told you that same feeling was possible at the start of your day?

Well, 5PM beer drinkers...we’re here to bring that experience straight to your bathroom counter. What you'll read below is a proven way to make your 6AM routine nearly as enjoyable as your 5PM routine. 

If you’re a bearded man that enjoys the sound of your office door locking at the end of the workday and the music in your car on your drive home to crack a beer and visit with your family, then we’ve got a beard care line you’ll enjoy. 

Our products are the safest men's grooming products available (organic, lab-tested, stability tested, moisturizing, etc.). But everyone has those facts, so it's just blah...blah...blah...

What you'll love about us is that our line contains energy-inducing essential oils to give you the boost you need before you even have your first sip of coffee. We even made the labels fun to improve the experience from the moment you walk into the bathroom! 

Hear Kevin's story...

Kevin finished his first ‘yeard’ in 2018. During that year Kevin experimented with some homemade beard products, bought a handful of the products available at Target, and even sampled a bottle of oil from his barber. 

All of them worked, “okay”. 

But Kevin didn’t want “okay.” Kevin wanted beard products that complimented his personality...products that brought energy and enjoyment into the day. 

He recognized that he did not have time to continue the homemade products since his work and family schedule demanded too much time. 

The barber's bottle worked well, but was $36 and only lasted one month. He wasn't willing to do that each month in addition to his other personal care costs. 

The Target supply was a happy medium, but didn't have something that he was looking for. It worked, but it wasn't special. It didn't do anything more than "just work." 

After he had experimented with all of those, Kevin wanted products that would both take the absolute best care of his beard without taking a lot of time each day, that were also affordable. 

Since there are so many options available that fit these requirements, Kevin decided to find one that offered an additional benefit of energy. He wanted something that helped open his eyes without caffeine. 

Kevin is a believer in energy healing and aromatherapy and thought something had to exist in the beard market. 

That's when Kevin found Beerd Co. 

It did exactly what he had searched for. 

Each product that Beerd Co. sells energy-inducing scents that help open your eyes each morning. 

Yes, they are also organic, vegan, moisturizing, etc., but those aren't special in 2021. 

Kevin wanted unique...

First he tried the Frost Hop beard oil and noticed an instant boost in energy while he was getting dressed.

He soon cut back his coffee intake by one cup each day, simply from the energy he picked up in the beard oil scent. 

If you're a bearded man that works a 9-5 job and you want a small boost in energy throughout the day, this is the solution for you. 

If you're a man looking for more the traditional benefits of beard care products, then you're in luck! 

Most men are also looking for products that reduce itch… 

These do! Each contains a base of oils that target the hair follicles where they meet the skin to hydrate and cut down on the itchiness you get when growing your beard. 

Some men also want products that will cut back on the dandruff you see. 

These do! The reason men experience dry or flaky beards is simple. It's because your skin only produces enough moisture for what's close to it. The hairs that are 3" away are considered unnecessary in human biology.

Since these oils hydrate at the skin-level there is more moisture for the skin to use itself, thus reducing the dry skin flakes that appear from dehydrated beards. 


Buy American made products. 

There are thousands of companies out there making A LOT of money on products that poison people’s skin! 

We challenge any company to come up with a higher-quality beard care product

100% of our products are produced in North America. 

All of them are organic.

All of them are vegan. 

All of them are lab-tested. 

All of them are stability tested. 

We sent thousands of packages to happy customers in 2020 and have yet to have a bad conversation, aside from some holiday shipping delays with USPS.  


Join thousands of American men, using beard oil to boost their energy right now! 

- Levi, 32, Utah

- Madison & Josh, 30's, Virginia

- Andy, 40, California

The Reviews Speak For Themselves…


Take advantage of our best offer yet.

To celebrate the release of our new labels, we’re offering you a limited-time deal. 

For every 2 bottles you order, get another one absolutely free. 

Keep in mind that shipping is free to any of the 50 United States. 

That’s 1 bottle free for every 2 bottles you order AND free shipping. You can order 4 and get 2 more shipped free, order 6 and get 3 free, and so on… No limits while this order is active.


Frost Hop

This scent will remind you of a crisp winter morning. It's uplifting and light, and has a fragrance strength of 6/10.

3-4 drops in the morning will last 5-6 hours throughout the day.


Eastern Cedar Haze


This scent will remind you being in a cedarwood forest. It's a deep and sophisticated fragrance, and has a strength of 6/10.

3-4 drops in the morning will last 5-6 hours throughout the day. 

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed whenever you buy any Beerd Co. product. 

We use, believe in, and stand behind everything we sell. If you’re not satisfied with your Beerd Co. purchase, you can return it for a replacement or full refund within 30 days. 

Our goal is to give you the confidence that you need to order our products the first time so that you can see firsthand, the craftsmanship and work ethic that we put into each bottle to keep you happy year after year. 

See all return details at this link.


What are you waiting for? Get yours now! 

When you take advantage of our buy 2 get one free offer today, you’re not just getting a few bottles of beard oil...

...you get a positive experience in the morning. 

...you get energy that doesn’t have to be swallowed. 

...you get compliments, both in the office and at home. 

...you’re revolutionizing the routine that you wake up with everyday. 

...and you’re buying it all, risk free

Don’t wait any longer, get yours today by clicking the button below. 

Pick you scent & bottle now! 



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